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Our aim at Forte Markets is to make this an online community for legal innovation.  There is an abundance of information available within this space and we wanted to ensure that we can filter the noise, and hype and provide some real solid content to our audience.  The events are the starting point, whereby we bring together decision makers from law firms and private enterprise, alongside tech firms who have a use case/success within this area.  

We then aim to build out the podcast section by interviewing some of the experts we believe have a story to tell, and value to add to this community.  Keep an eye out for an exciting list of speakers who will be providing their views on legal innovation, the challenges and opportunities.  

Over time we also aim to provide training through this portal, whether this is e-learning, webinars, or in-class sessions.   There is a longer term view to provide reviews on some of the tech firms that are promoting their solutions within the legal industry to see if they actually do what it says on the tin.

If anyone wants to get involved in the articles/blogs/podcasts or has suggestion then please reach out info@fortemarkets.com

Our Services


Forte Markets hosts a number of niche events which are aimed at decision makers from in-house teams and law firms to help them assess their technology...
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Forte Markets supports technology transformation by helping clients understand their current landscape and then carefully identify pain points, ineffi...
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We provide a number of e-learning or in-class training sessions covering:- Intro to Fintech- Intro to Legaltech- Intro to Blockchain- Digital Currenci...
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Product Development

We are currently running a number of PoCs with key partners to help conduct research and product development within the legal and regulatory innovatio...
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