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Women In Law / Leadership Seminar

Join us on for this seminar led by none other than Christina Blacklaws, the Former President of the Law Society of England & Wales.  A true world leader in paving the say for diversity and inclusion, and an enabler for women to become leaders in the law.  We aim to understand  the barriers faced by women in the legal industry and create opportunities to address them in an action-oriented and collaborative way.


The seminar will cover:

  • Introduction - 100 years of women in Law
  • Unconscious bias - Identified as the most significant barrier preventing women from reaching senior/leadership positions
  • Males as agents for change - Gender equality affects everyone, and male champions are key as agents for delivering change
  • Best Practice - What works? best practice tools for inclusion and empowerment
  • Closing remarks & Call for Action
  • Interactive Q&A session / Roundtable Discussion
  • Local leaders showcasing successes in this space
Jul-20 - Online

Event Speakers

Christina Blacklaws

Former President of The Law Society of England & Wales

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